Thursday, March 27, 2008

book swapping

OK so I have to tell you about my new favorite thing! It's and I really think it's the best thing since sliced bread.

So you have a whole bunch of book sitting around your house that you never read, and they're pretty good books that you think you *might* read again, someday. They're too good to sell at a yard sale, because you like them and no one pays more than $1 for a book at a yard sale and you know they are worth more than that.

If you're like me, though, you'd happily give them to someone who really has an interest in reading them. Especially if this means you get a book that you want in return.

This is EXACTLY what is! You sign up and list a bunch of books you're willing to part with. When you list ten, you get an automatic two credits. It costs one credit for a book and 2 credits for an audio book. After you list your books, people will request them and after you've sent them, you get another credit. They even have a system to make shipping easy. They have the weight of the book in their database, so they prepare what they call a wrapper for you, complete with postage if you like, and you just print it and wrap your book in the paper and pop it in the mailbox.

I've sent out three books already, and I'm so happy to know that someone else is enjoying them. I've received one, have one on the way and I'm on a waiting list for a bunch of new ones that have recently come out but the library isn't getting in.

I realized the need for owning books after my second baby became mobile and slept less. The books I'd checked out were sitting there unread. I'd renew them until I couldn't anymore then I'd check them back out again. I've had one book for over 6 months! So I'm going to return them now and wait until someone posts them and then I can have them for as long as I like and then I'll pass them on again! I got a nice note back from one lady who had requested one of my books as a gift for a friend. Maybe I'm a dork, but that made me really happy!

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