Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I live in Indiana

So I haven't posted here in FOREVER! We moved to Indiana and I have a new blog that I am keeping with my husband. I'm actually pretty good about posting there regularly.

I can't tell you how wonderful this move has been for our family. The kids have so much more freedom and the new house is so much easier to "run", even with major remodeling efforts underway.

I'm still leading my book club via Skype (yay technology!!), but I'm thinking about starting one here at our new church. I have no idea if there is any interest yet, though. I also don't know how we would all get the books, as the library only has one or two copies of most of the books we'd be reading. I'm trying to get plugged into the Christian Homeschooling group here- I just haven't been extremely proactive in that. This is because Mark is just starting preschool and we're overwhelmed with kitchen remodeling at the moment. It's good to know there is a such a large homeschooling group out here for support, and what I've seen of it makes me very confident about our homeschooling future.

Should I have posted all of this on the Indiana blog...??? It seemed more me-centric, but it probably belonged ther anyway...I also just wanted to keep up with this blog too :)

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