Saturday, February 13, 2010

she's back

this is my first blog post in over a year!! We stopped posting to our "We Live In Indiana" last January, i guess we felt like we had assimilated and there was nothing left to write.

Since then, I've had a wonderful home waterbirth, my first girl. Madeline joined us in the wee hours of the morning on May 15th, 2009. She's a happy little girl who adores her brothers and is determined to keep up with them.

Thanks to a new friend I've been encouraged in my crocheting and my skills are sharpening. Perhaps an Etsy shop is in my future? Either way, I'm having a lot of fun with it and intend to post about my projects in the future.

Reading as always, of course. My favorite is still Ted Dekker and I was lucky enough to score an advance copy of The Bride Collector. I liked it more than Burn, I was hooked within the first few chapters as usual. Much putting of the children in front of the TV ensued, one late night and I had finished it within about 3 days of opening it. As usual, there was more to this book than a suspenseful murder thriller. This book delved into the mind of the mentally "ill" and I am so excited about that. I've always been tremendously interested in abnormal and behavioral psychology. Ted's depiction and thoughts on them in this book really matched some ideas I've had for a long time - you should definitely check out the book just to stretch your mind on our perception of others. You'll have to wait until April 13th, though, when the books hit the shelves!!

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