Wednesday, February 6, 2008

bandwagon blogger

Everyone I know seems to have a blog. My husband keeps telling me I should have one. So, now I have a blog too.

I'm normally hugely anti whatever is the in thing, even if I was into it before it became hip. I'm fairly certain that this has something to do with me being a middle child in a family in which I was generally overshadowed by my older sister, mostly simply because she had 2.5 years experience on me in virtually every endeavor I embarked upon. So I'm affected with this need to set myself apart from the crowd. If you know me, then you probably already knew that about me.

I'm a mom to two AWESOME boys who continually astound me with their wit, creativity, and imagination and a wife to a man who does the same. I'm frequently humbled by my lot in life. I suppose the only thing I want for is a yard with mature trees (and a brook, but I'm probably pushing it there).

So that's me.

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