Monday, February 11, 2008

facials vs. manis & pedis

Ok, so I really don't get the whole manicure/pedicure craze. This may be due in part to my lack of disposable cash, and the fact that I use my hands in a more "active" way, but I really don't get it. Women go, let's say every two to three weeks to get their nails done and about every 4-6 weeks to get their toes done. I may be wrong with the specifics, but I imagine this adds up to at least $50 a month- probably closer to $60. Why not get a facial every two months? It's great for your skin, hugely relaxing, and you get an arm, shoulder, neck and face massage. It's a far more luxurious experience- not to mention the health benefits.

Every time I've gotten my nails done, they chip within the week, and the fake nail stuff always comes off or just feels weird. I know, for a nominal fee you can go in and they will retouch or repaint them for you. Sounds like a lot of time in a "salon" with noxious fumes to me. I get a private warm steamy room with relaxing music for a facial. I sit like cattle in a stall at a crowded nail salon where the service technician (generally) is talking or yelling to another technician in a foreign language, or suddenly speaking to me as I try to decipher what she is asking me. Hmmm. Not very relaxing to me.

So yeah, I don't get it. Just my opinion, but if I have money to spend on pampering and beautifying myself, I'm going for the facial everytime!

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