Tuesday, February 12, 2008

titling my blog

Did you notice that I have a title now? You can thank my husband for that. He told me I needed one and I came up with something terribly unimaginative. Then, my sister-in-law had a car accident. So I told him that perhaps I would write my next entry about how people here in the DC area drive like rabid lunatics and that anyone who had ever spent any time in other metro areas would certainly know this to be true. I think I claimed to have some additional insight into this fact that I intended to expound upon, but at the moment it eludes me. So he suggested Stating the Obvious, then said, no how about OVERStating the Obvious which I did not agree to as I do not believe I am actually overstating anything. Hence, my title was born.

Of course, he has yet to come up with a clever title for his blog.
It's an overcast day with showers likely in the afternoon.
Virginia, Maryland, and DC are having their primaries today.
Trees give life.
So do women.
Be well.

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